Caring For Your Vehicle

It’s important that you take care of your vehicle after a recent collision repair. Fortunately, doing so is easy and will maximize the durability of the repairs your vehicle has just received. To ensure that your vehicle’s new paint job cures completely and to keep it looking like new, wash the vehicle by hand at least twice a month using a soft sponge and dry the vehicle using a terry cloth or cheese cloth towel. Make sure to rinse off any kind of oil or petroleum residue (i.e., gasoline) from your vehicle’s finish with water. Try to avoid running your vehicle through an automated car wash or waxing it for at least the first couple of months after a repair. This helps to preserve your paint job and reduces the need for a costly paint job in the future.

Auto detailing dashboard

To help your finish look good for as long as you own your car, be sure to follow these simple tips when caring for your new finish:

Do not dry wipe the vehicle; always use clean, cool water. Dry wiping can cause scratches. 

Do not park under trees that may drop sap onto your vehicle. Trees attract birds and bird droppings have a high acid content that will damage a new, freshly painted surface. If this does occur, wash the surface immediately. Neutralize the acidity with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 2 oz. of baking soda per qt. of water. It is recommended to use deionized or distilled water and rinse with clean water after.

Do not spill gas, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent on the new finish. Immediately rinse off with clean water if this happens. If you must wipe the area of the spill, do so gently with a soft cloth.

Do not scrape ice or snow from the surface. On a freshly painted surface an ice scraper has a good chance of scraping off and damage the paint.

Do wash the vehicle in the shade only; never in direct sunlight.

How to clean and care for a car with a matte finish:

1. Do not use paper towels , brushes or terry cloth to clean matte finishes. These cleaning tools can burnish or scratch the finish. Only use micro-fiber towels or a clean soft wash mitt as a cleaning aid.

2. Remove foreign materials (bugs, tar, etc.) as soon as possible with a soft micro-fiber cloth. Soak before cleaning and wipe gently.

hand washing car
clean car closeup

3. The vehicle can be washed with a clean water and a soft wash-mitt to minimize the risk of any abrasion. Never use automatic car washes or any household towel or brush to wash a matte finish.

4. For small clean-ups, an alcohol type window cleaner and a micro-fiber towel may be used.

5. Waxes, finish protectants or polishes should not be used on a matte finish. Also, other products that are possibly abrasive can change the matte appearance. Check the vehicle manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance recommendations of matte finishes.

Helpful COVID-19 Car Cleaning Tips

What To Use:

  • Gloves
  • Solutions with at least 70% alcohol
  • Wipes without bleach

What Not To Use:

  • Bleach or a bleach solution
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Soap and water – if you scrub to hard

Clean these hot spots thoroughly:

  • Steering wheel & turn signals
  • Wiper & shifter knobs
  • Door handles – inside & out
  • Armrests & center console
  • Seat belts, adjusters & buckles
  • Climate control & radio buttons
  • Windows & locks